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CRANIUM is an innovative educational platform. Its mission is to inspire and motivate the upcoming generations about science, technology, engineering and art or what is commonly called today STEAM activities. Contrary to the classical academical curriculum to which kids are exposed in traditional schools, CRANIUM’s concept is based on the multiple intelligences theory developed by Thomas Gardner. The philosopher believed in eight different intelligences to cover a larger range of human potential in children and adults (musical–rhythmic, visual–spatial, verbal–linguistic, logical–mathematical, bodily–kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic).
The objective of CRANIUM is to provide kids and youth with activities that build and nurture their innate skills and intelligences by teaching them the latest methods in creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. Through its activities, CRANIUM will provide an interactive approach to orient people towards their hidden skills. This project is also part of an identified need of guidance among youth since their schools work essentially on applied sciences far from the domains in which they wish to specialize. CRANIUM will focus on diverting the minds of our young generation to a new level of thinking, thus enabling them to build the pylons of their future careers or simply learn new skills that will entertain them and divert them. This project also aims on raising awareness among parents to support their children in their aspirations and interests that seem “outside the box”.

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